Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can You Say Over-Achiever?

Ok, so, I haven't posted in a million years here, because I've been working on a new blog! Some where else! I'm totally cheating on blogger after only a couple of months. Once the new blog is ready, I will tell all you invisible people out there where I moved.

In the meantime, I signed up for Fremas cheesy love song cd swap, thinking that I must have a couple songs floating around that would qualify. Er, I think I had more then I thought I did. I got carried away just a teeny tiny bit:

1 More Then Words
Open Arms
2 When I Look Into Your Eyes
Miss You In A Heartbeat
3 If You Ask Me To
I Wish It Would Rain
4 I’m Already There
Purple Rain
5 I’ll Never Get Over You
Hungry Eyes
6 These Dreams
7 Love Hurts
Nothing Compares To You
8 I Can’t Live Without You
Save The Best For Last
9 Must Have Been Love
Because You Loved Me
10 Love Breaks Your Heart
I’ll Be Loving You
11 What About Love
Never Gonna
12 I’ll Stand By You
How Do You Talk To An Angel
13 Two Steps Behind
14 Fields Of Gold
15 Is This Love
No More I Love You’s
16 You’re In Love
6 Months 8 Days 12 Hours
17 Hold On To The Nights
Headed For A Heartbreak
18 I Won’t Forget You
Everything I Do
1 There You’ll Be
Glory Of Love
2 Rush Rush
November Rain
3 When A Man Loves A Woman
Miss You In A Heartbeat
4 Angel Eyes
Can’t Fight This Feeling
5 I Live My Life For You
The Flame
6 Rain
I’ll Say Goodbye
7 When Love And Hate Collide
When Love And Hate Collide
8 Never Forget You
Invisible Man
9 Blowing Kisses In The Wind
Don’t Want To Close My Eyes
10 Do You Remember
Two Steps Behind
11 Something To Believe In
12 Listen To Your Heart
13 Release Me
14 When I See You Smile
15 Thank You For Loving Me
16 Alone
17 Take My Breath Away

That's my playlist. 4 cd's people. 4!! You may note I burned a couple of songs twice, that is because I have no working brain cells. At all.

So, I'm off to bed to go reminiscing over all of the memories these cheese-tastic songs bring to mind.