Monday, August 14, 2006

The kicking of my butt

I'm alive ya'll, I promise you I am! My job has seriously been kicking my butt so bad I think I now have bruises on my arse. As an accountant for a very big construction project, I have a lot of deadlines and not enough people in my area to help us meet them. So, to say I have been putting in a little bit of over time would be a gross, gross understatement. Wanna take a guess at how many hours a week I am logging? Guess, go ahead, I dare you to get it!

50 hours?!, please, that's chump change.
60? Oh, you silly foolish person.
70? What sort of wimp do you think I am?
75? Keep going..... The answer is 80! 80 hours! Because I love to work and have no life, esp. when I'm salary, so that means NO OVERTIME. Otherwise, I would well be on my way to becoming a millionaire.
(Ok, maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit when I say 80, but not by much)

So, since all of my brain cells have been fried up trying to figure out how the HELL someone got 5% of $98562.80 is $3,255.08, I have pulled some really stupid moves as a result of said brain cells being completely gone. You don't want to hear about those though, do you? You do you say? Well, if you insist!

-On my lunch break, I ran to the store to get some exedrin since my head had been split in half and what was left of my poor, burnt out brain was being stomped on by a million little people wearing clogging shoes. When I got back to my car, I realized I had left my keys in the ignition. After 45 minutes of trying to stick a hanger into my window and breaking down into tears twice, I realized two things simultaneously. 1-I have a hide a key located on the outside of my car and 2-All four of my car doors were unlocked. All FOUR people.

-My password on my work computer refused to work, leaving me flipping out as I HAD to get something in the computer ASAP for a very. super. important. invoice. I called our IT guys. They couldn't figure it out. So after 15 minutes of them scratching their heads over the phone, they decide to come look at my computer, as they think I must have some sort of virus. Upon them making it to my desk and taking ONE glance at my computer, it is discovered that I do not have a virus after all. I had my caps lock on. The whole time. It was just the stupid caps lock.

-Six times in the past few days, I have forgotten to zip my pants back up after going to the bathroom. Each of those six time occurred out in public, four of which were not noticed until AFTER I walked out of important, serious meeting with very important, serious bosses. Oh, and I was standing in the meetings and they were sitting. You think they noticed? I'm clinging to the small hope that they didn't.

-Trimming your cats hair when you have taken a ambien is a bad, bad idea. My cats back and behind look like a weed whacker tried to eat him.

Well, I have plenty more where those came from, but you know what? I am beat, and since I have another fun filled 12 hours of work ahead of me shortly, I think I shall bid you adieu and goodnight!