Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's time for a little common sense

So, I pride myself on being extremely open-minded and non-judgmental. Especially when it comes to mothers and parenting, since I have no hands on experience. But something happened the other day that really got my goat (I have never understood that line, but hey, it works).

I went to Burlington to look for a present for some one. While I was there, I wandered around, because I love me some window shopping. I also love going to the baby section to look for little jewels to buy. I wandered for about a half hour looking at baby clothes, and as I was getting ready to leave the section I saw a shelf of clearance items way back behind all the baby strollers and bouncy chairs. (For those of you not familiar with this store, they set up all their baby strollers and cribs and infant car and bouncy sets. Much like Babies R Us, but more haphazard). I maneuver through all these bouncy chairs on the floor and as I made it up to the shelves, I knocked my foot against a chair and imagine my surprise when it made a noise! I look down and there is a one month old baby in a bouncy chair. I look around and see NO ONE. So of course I am going "hmmmmm". I go and walk down 4 aisles to the left and right and still see no one. So I walk back over to the baby and try to decide what to do. I want to find a store employee but I don't want to leave the baby. All that is running through my head is that someone has ABANDONED A BABY. I seriously stand there for about 7 minutes trying to decide if I should pick the baby up and go find the manager. Just then a employee walks by and I call her over. As I start to explain what has happened, I see a woman from the shower curtain aisle, which is ACROSS the store, walks out of the aisle with her choice of shower curtain in hand, strolls over to us, gives us a super dirty look, and picks up the baby. She then turns around and gives me the stink eye as she asks her baby how her nap was and walks away. The employee and I go errrrrr, what do we do now? She went and got her manager to talk to the woman, to be sure that she was the mom, which we are sure she was, but you can't be too careful.

I thought it then and I still think it, that woman did a bad thing. I don't judge moms and I know raising a child is hard. But, you do not go and put your baby somewhere in the store no where near you with NO ONE keeping an eye on the baby. Even if you put the baby where you might not immediately notice her. That baby was alone for over a half hour. I know this is Utah and where I live is like Mormon central, but that doesn't make it safe enough to do something like that. She also had a little boy, as I discovered as I saw her with him standing next to her as she was talking to someone (I think it was the manager) as I was walking out. Her little boy was the kid who had been running all over the whole store (and the store is pretty big) grabbing whatever he could and throwing it at people who walked by.

All I can keep thinking is, "Dude, you can't DO stuff like that. Do you not know what happens when you leave your kids unattended in public places? Especially an adorable little baby girl?" It still makes me upset and pissed when I think about this, because the woman was not acting responsible. I don't know the reason why she would leave her baby alone like that, but even if, say, the baby was taking a nap and was a light sleeper or something, that was still just being stupid and careless.

Ok, so maybe I am judgmental after all.

**Note, I had this posted as a draft for the last few days, debating on if I should post it or not, as I don't like talk/bash/comment on something that I might not know the whole story behind. But, in light of what is a huge story here I decided to post it. In our world today, to even let your child play outside out of sight has become a danger, to leave your infant unattended in a store blows my mind. There are so many sick people in the world who take what is not theirs, don't be careless and practically drop an opportunity in their lap. I feel for poor Destiny's parents, the last words they had with their little girl were not words of love and that can never be erased from their hearts. She was by her own home, why would they not think her safe? Please, be careful with your precious gifts, don't do stupid things like this woman at the store.**


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