Sunday, July 23, 2006

“Every man had his own quirks and twists”

As the first topic in the "All About Me" series, I would like to tell you about my little quirks.

-I don't drink bottom water. Bottom water is the inch or so left at the bottom of a cup. It can be water, juice, soda or milk. I will not drink that last little bit. It's just gross for some reason to me.

-I rock. Standing in line, I will rock or sway. Sitting down on the floor, I will rock my body. I can not sit or stand still.

-I am a public germaphobe. In public places I have to use antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers on EVERYTHING.

-I will not go #2 unless I am at home. At work, a friends house or out to dinner, I will not do it. Only in my own home, in my own bathroom.

-I always hold my breath when driving past a cemetery. I don't when I go to a burial, but driving past one, I will hold my breath till I am blue in the face.

-I have to have every thing match. I can't handle mismatched things. This goes down to every little bottle and nicknack I own. All my spices, I have to take out of the container they came in and put them in glass containers that all match. All my lotions I buy? They all get squeezed into matching clear apothecary bottles and then labeled. Doesn't matter if it's a $4.00 lotion from Target or a $30.00 one from Sephora, they all must match.

-I won't drive behind or beside a motorcyclist. I just know if I did, the guy would fall off his bike and I would run right over him.

-I can only fall asleep with a fan running on high and the air down to 60, and a down comforter cuddle under and a heating pad to lay on. Even in the winter.

So there you have it, a few of the little odd habits I have. What about you, what quirks do you have that help make you, you?


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