Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Warning : This May Blog May Be Misleading

Because I think the name of my blog may be a little misleading, let me break it down for ya:

ORGANIC: No, I do not eat only whole, organic foods that is pesticide and hormone free. That is seriously WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I would love to be able to eat like that though, which is why I employ the wonderful Chlorox Food Bath (and no, it's not as scary or weird as it may sound). Organic is more of a "shout-out" to the lifestyle that I was raised with and embrace as well as my bank account will allow. My mother is a extremely knowledgable person when it comes to herbs, eating well and taking care of your body. She is neither a hard core "Never go to the doctor for anything, because they are bad, Bad, BAD" or someone who goes running to the doctor for every.little.cough. Way before it was hitting the headlines that "Wheat is better!" and "Trans Fat is NOT HEALTHY", we were living it. Our friends had twinkies and ding dongs for snacks, we had home dried fruit and trail mix. White bread, I don't think so, it was all about the multi grain.

Now, that upbringing was shot to hell the last couple years (I mean, hello, I got married. That word alone makes you put on 10 pounds.) I would like to get "back to basics" so to speak, so my blog name is merely being both optimistic (read:deluding myself) and giving my momma props.

Ok, HIPPIE: I debated on this wording, but, it is my nickname, so I decided in favor of it. This being said, please read the following disclaimer:
I in no way am in favor of marijuna becoming legalized, in not taking showers and in growing your hair in dreadlocks. I do not chain myself to objects during protests. I do not GO to protests. I do not burn incense and I do not own a VW of any sort

Now that we have that established, I will explain what it does mean pertaining to me. Hippie is a nickname I was given years ago by someone who was at the time one of the closest people to me in the world. It started as a bit of a joke, more pertaining to how I dress then anything. I am partial to what may be known as the "hippie" look. Long, loose peasant blouses, long hair, beads and etc. Although I do wear "other" clothes, for some reason this stuck. Added to that is my "peace, love and happiness" view. I can be known as the mediator, the one who tries to help people just, you know, chill. I have strong view points on things, but I'm laid back about them. I don't think different view points are any reason to get your panties (if you wear them), in a bunch. Every one is different and every one is entitled to their own views and opinions. That being said, you say crap about something you know nothing about (and when I say "say crap", I mean dog either someone's religion or lifestyle to the point that it's not an opinion but being more of a bigot or vulgar or condenscending), I will get pissed. And Hippie does not get pissed often, so when it happens, you better watch your back homie.

And the third, CHICK : I am a girl, woman, female, of the XX chromosome, carrier of cooties AKA a chick.

So there you have it. Welcome to my delusional world.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Britt said...

I love this introduction of yourself!! I'm glad you commented on my blog because otherwise I wouldn't have found yours!


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